Next Event Date:
Every September
6:00 PM Social, 7:00 PM Dinner
Special Guest:  Cosmopolitan International Presidents are usually in attendance.
Event Cost:  This event is free, but requires an RSVP through the website.  Prospective members are also highly encouraged to attend.
Event Description (New Member Event)
Crusader Clinic Director Gordon Eggers is our gracious host for this long time stag event tradition for the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club.
This free event is typically our first event of a new season. Gordon Egger's property is south of the airport and is a great location for socializing and a steak cookout. It all begins with snacks and refreshments at 6:00 PM with dinner to follow at 7 PM.
If you are new to Cosmos, this is an event not to miss! Great steaks, drinks, comradery, and a few of our regular games! If you have a prospective member, this is a perfect new member event! We typically swear-in at least 2 or 3 new members at this event every year.