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Weekly Lunch Overview
The Cosmopolitan Club of Rockford offers weekly lunches for its membership and also for guests of members.  Our lunches are typically held on Thursdays, and the lunch season starts in the late summer and runs through spring.  
The primary purpose of these weekly lunches are to provide a venue for member fellowship, as well as to provide a platform for guest speakers to address the club with special causes, etc.  These causes could be other local not-for-profit entities, as well as a variety of other local/educational topics.
Our current meeting location is Prairie Street Brewing Company in Rockford, IL.  Members pay for lunch by signing their name at the door, and then the club sends an invoice at a later date.
The lunch menu varies from lunch to lunch. Typically there is a salad, one or two main course options, as well as side options.  Cookies or similar dessert are also provided along with water, iced tea, coffee and a selection of soft drinks.
Periodically, we will setup destination lunches where we have lunch as a club at a chosen location.  Such locations in the past have included Midway Village, UW Health Sports Factory, and also the Crusader Clinic for special announcements.