A big thank you to all that supported our fundraiser!  Winners:  1st - Doug Prater $2,500; 2nd - Sam Castree $1,000;
3rd - Matt Idzikowski $1000; 4th - Dave Tartaglia $1,000; WILD CARD WINNER - Dave Targalia.  Congrats to our winners!
Event Chair - Bill Redig 
Due to the continued challenges of Covid-19, we will not be having our annual March Madness Event in 2022.  We are hopeful to return next year with our traditional theme and gathering at the Venetian Club. Until then, we are introducing the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club - WILD CARD RAFFLE FUNDRAISER!
As one of our club’s major annual fundraisers, March Madness historically nets over $10,000 each year, and this raffle fundraiser will allow the club to continue that tradition of fundraising and reinvesting back into the Rockford community through our spring Grant Program
A limited number of 250 tickets will be sold, with guaranteed cash payouts of $4,500 and a potential bonus draw of $5,000!  The additional funds raised after the 150th ticket is sold will determine our Wild Card Bonus.   Payout structure and rules detailed below.
We encourage all members to purchase a ticket and help sell additional tickets to family and friends.  Need not be present to win!  Tickets can be purchased online, at an upcoming Cosmo event, through one of our ticket sale helpers shown below, or by sending a check to Bill Redig (payable to Rockford Cosmopolitan Club).   Online orders will receive their ticket in the mail.  SAMPLE TICKET CLICK HERE  Print out to help promote tickets!
The drawing will be conducted at the Cosmo Member Luncheon on April 7th.  Winners and video of the drawing will be posted on the website after the drawing.
See below for payment options (Check or Credit Card)
Event Overview
Cost:  $100 per ticket, non-refundable
Tickets Sold:  Limited to a maximum of 250 tickets.  Must be paid for before the drawing.  Need not be present to win. 
Drawing:  April 7, 2022 with winners posted on club website soon after
Guaranteed Prize Winners:
1st     -     $2,500.00
2nd   -     $1,000.00
3rd    -     $500.00
4th    -     $500.00
Guaranteed cash payout - $4,500.00!
Plus, a chance for one of our winners to win an additional
$5,000 if all 250 tickets are sold!
WILD CARD WINNER - 50% of additional funds raised on all ticket sales over the 150th ticket sold will determine the bonus prize.  Secondary drawing between the four guaranteed winners will determine the Wild Card Winner!
Example Wild Card Winnings:
 - 150 tickets sold, guaranteed winners only.
- 200 tickets sold, $5,000 additional funds raised and $2,500 winner.
250 maximum tickets sold, $10,000 additional funds raised and $5,000.00 to the Wild Card Winner!
Total potential cash payout with maximum bonus prize, if 100% of tickets are sold  - $9,500!
Online Credit Card Payment
We accept online payment with credit card.  A $5.00 credit card
processing fee will be an added charge.  Thank you!
Please click here to purchase by credit card.
Check Payments
Raffle tickets will be available at various Cosmo events and also distributed to several members who will be helping to coordinate ticket sales without needing to fill out a separate order form.  Online orders will have tickets mailed directly to the buyer within a few days of purchase.  If paying by check, please first attempt to buy a ticket directly from a member or at an event.  Otherwise, contact Bill Redig directly at 815-979-5770 to coordinate payment and purchase by check. 
Cosmo Ticket Sale Helpers:  Bill Redig, Chris Zion, Brian Thor, Brian Lindsay, Kevin Kjellstrom, Kris Tumilowicz, Tom Etier, Ryan Meseck, Tom Graceffa, Tony Saladino, John Schissel, Dayton Smith