Contact: Francesco Collura
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Rockford Cosmopolitan
Prairie St Brewing Company
200 Prairie St
Rockford, IL  61107
United States of America

This is the only Cosmo lunch that we hold on a Wednesday!  If you cannot make the normal Thursday lunch Buffet, then take advantage of this opportunity to attend.

Lets end this years poinsettia fundraiser on a high note and set new records!!!

This lunch will be a social lunch, meaning the primary goal would be to:

a)  Turn in your poinsettia ticket sales

b)  Socialize and network with fellow members

c) We still need alot of delivery drivers for Saturday. Time to add on another route to your day or step up to the plate with another member. 

There will be no presentation (except for our normal Cosmo related announcements).

Please Note: There will be one more luncheon next week before the Annual Christmas party. This will be our last luncheon before the end of the year. The only event between this social lunch and the Christmas Holiday is our Cosmo Annual Christmas Party at the Owly Oop at the UW Sports Factory on 12/19/19. Please register for this event if you have not already. It is always a great time!!