Rockford Cosmopolitan
Tebala Event Center
7910 Newburg Rd
Cherry Valley, IL  61108
United States of America

For over 4 years, the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club has been able to use our not-for-profit license to host quarterly poker events in coordination with Rockford Charitable Games Association, and raise funds throughout the calendar year.

In a nutshell, the club splits the profits of each poker night with Rockford Charitable Games. This is a win/win for the club. and Rockford Charitable Games. On most poker nights, we average between $1,750 to $2,000 in profits to the club.

In order for us to earn those profits, we need 3 shifts of volunteers for 4 hours a piece with 3 people per shift. (9 total people)  Our volunteers simply need to run the cashiers desk.  NO gambling is required.  You are NOT even required to like the game of poker.

If you divide $2,000 by 9 people, that means that the club receives over $200 per volunteer that assists on each poker night. ($200/4 hours = over $50/hour per volunteer)

Your volunteer efforts are needed, please join us for a night of camaraderie!