Hello Cosmo Brothers !!  Welcome to the 2023-24 year.
I'm very excited and honored to be the President this year , for this amazing club.
Looking forward to a great year raising money and having a great time doing it. 
Last year we raised a record amount . Thanks to all of you and your efforts.
Our Golf outing this year was another record Netting $ 55k for the club. A huge Thank you to Greg Lundquist, Matt Aukes, Chris Zion and everyone involved to make this great event happen.
If you think that was great wait until next years event. It promises to be even better with some really cool changes.
Kicking off the year with the Steak Fry Sept 21st. With 65- 70 coming and  14 guests which is awesome. Looking forward to the event. For the first time it will be held indoors due to the weather.
Our first lunch is Sept.28th featuring fellow Cosmo Brother and the Sheriff , Gary Caruana . Talking with us about the Safety act , which just went into effect.
We will have a great line up this year of speakers . If anyone has a speaker in mind please reach out to John Johnson Pres-Elect.
We will continue to have some great nights out this year. A pinball tournament , Cigar and Whiskey nights , Dart nights , Christmas party just to name a few. We are working on more.
Along with our big fundraiser events March Madness, Stroll on State, Poker tournaments ,Poinsettias .
This is a club effort so please show up , help out and raise as much money as possible. So let's get involved !!
We are Rockford's Premier Charity Club. 
Let's get involved this year , Let's make a difference in our community and our own lives. 
Let's continue to grow our club . Bring in new members . Let's make 2023-24 a fantastic Cosmo year !
It's a Great day to be a Cosmo !!
Larry Lazzerini
President 2023-2024