This promises to be a great year for our club, which looks like the first in several years where we will not have to deal with COVID-19 related postponements or closures. Our membership is at a new high. Cosmopolitan International appears to have a renewed desire to be relevant. Our calendar of events is filling rapidly.
We have already had two successful events this season. Our golf outing, held in August, raised a new record profit of $53,426. We have been blessed to have two members (Greg Lundquist and Matt Aukes) newly running this event alongside the previous leadership. They made a great team! Also, our annual Steak Fry recorded a high number of members and guests in attendance.
Our lunch schedule is off to a great start as well. We have good attendance and great speakers. More great lunches and social activities are getting added to the calendar regularly. If you have speaker suggestions please contact our President-Elect, Larry Lazzerini.
With all that is going well we can use your help. It appears that it is true in all kinds of organizations that most of the work is done by a small group of members. I think one of the things that makes our club successful is that we continually have new people step into leadership roles while the previous leaders are available to provide guidance and historical knowledge. If you haven’t been involved in one of our serving events, please consider getting involved. This is a great way to meet other members. We are also always interested in speaking with you if you would like to be involved in club leadership. Please consider offering your assistance.
You may have heard it asked, “What kind of day is today?” Today is a great day to be a Cosmo!
Brian L. Thor
President, 2022-2023