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Rockford Cosmopolitan
6615 Kishwaukee Rd
Rockford, IL  61109
United States

Stag Steak Fry!

Thursday, September 21st


Crusader Clinic Director Gordon Eggers is our gracious host

LET'S KICK-OFF John LiCausi’s Presidency

with this great event to start our season!


Join us at Gordon Egger's farm south of the airport for socializing and a steak cook-out. It all begins with snacks and refreshments at 6PM with dinner to follow at 7 PM.

If you are new to Cosmos, this is an event not to miss!  Great steaks, drinks, camaraderie and a few of our regular games!  The event is also free.  If you have a prospective member, this is a perfect recruiting event!

Directions to Gordon Eggers farm are as follows:

  • Drive to the Rockford Airport, either on Kishwaukee or South Main.

  • Turn right on Airport Road/Kishwaukee Road (As if you were driving to Stillman Valley)

  • Follow Kishwaukee Road (parallel to the Rockford River, alongside the northern edge of the airport, past Beltline Rd.

  • Drive just over one (1) mile from the airport and cross the bridge (over the junction of Rock and Kishwaukee rivers).

  • Slow down at the bridge!!!

  • The Eggers farm is on the river just to your right (looking from the bridge).

  • Only 100 yards past the bridge & river bluff is the gravel/wood gate turn in, with 6767 fire dept. address sign.

  • Turn right (the turn is just across from the "Hinchcliff Forest Preserve" sign on your left/south side).

  • Drive in & park in the pasture.  

Bring a prospective member!

Bring your appetite and your thirst!