Friday, December 19, 2014

Steak Fry Success!!!

Thanks again to Gordon Eggers for hosting our fall kickoff event.  Chris Janke, President, swore in two new Rockford Cosmo's.  See you next week for the first Cosmo lunch of the year.

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Come Join the club who fights diabetes!  We have over 190 members who are committed to the fight against diabetes and helping our youth in the Greater Rockford Area.

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President's Corner

Calling out all Cosmo Members!

“I Pity the fool who don’t deliver Poinsettias!”


The 2014 Poinsettia Sale is underway, with record sales expected!  Our ongoing success can only be attributed to the DEDICATION of our club members and we thank you for your commitment with this most important fundraiser!!  Selling the plants is only half the battle –




Business Delivery:       Friday, December 5th – 7:00 a.m.

Residential Delivery:   Saturday, December 6th – 7:00 a.m.


Please take TWO minutes to open up your calendar and see if you can spend a few hours of your morning to help deliver plants on either (or both!) of these days.  We have over 3,000 to deliver gentlemen!!!    Grab a friend, enlist your kids, or team up with a Cosmo buddy if you must but WE NEED YOU!  Get involved and deliver with pride – it’s a great day to be a Cosmo! 


Our Goal is 50 drivers!  Please email Bill Redig at or call Ryan Meseck at (815) 543-6149 to register your name on our sign-up sheet today!!

Chris Janke

2014-15 Club President

Celebrating 20 Year Partnership with Crusader Community Health!

Crusader Community Health honored the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club with its "On the Bus" Award at its 42nd Annual Anniversary Celebration on October 17th. On hand to accept this award as pictured below from left to right: Linda Niemiec (Crusader), Pat Morrow, Gil Pena, Dick Brynteson, Gordon Eggers (Crusader), Erik Anderson, Joe Goken, Chris Janke, Bill Redig, Damian Czechorski and Brent Ward.

Welcome Rockford Cosmos!

The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club has upgraded its website v.2013!!!

The following form will assist you in logging in and rsvp'ing for lunches and events.  

RSVP Instructions for the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club v2013

There will be some bumps as we all acclimate to the new site.  Lets all work together to ensure we get the most out of it.  Please email Dayton Smith III if you have any issues or questions and we will work to together to resolve them.

New Member Application: RFD_Membership_App Blank.doc

Rockford, IL - The Forest City


Rockford is a mid-sized city located on both banks of the Rock River in far northern Illinois. Rockford is often referred to as "The Forest City" and is the county seat of Winnebago County, Illinois, USA. As reported in the 2006 census estimate, it is said to have a population of 155,138; making it the third-largest city in Illinois after Chicago and Aurora. The metropolitan area has 339,178 residents as of the 2000 census. During the latter part of the 20th century Rockford was the second largest city in Illinois. The current mayor is Lawrence J. Morrissey, an independent elected to a four year term in April 2005.

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